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Metal Detecting: All you need to know to get started

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Metal Detecting – All you need to know to get started
by Dave Crisp

This is the perfect book for anyone interested in metal detecting, Written by Dave Crisp, Finder of the 2010 Frome Hoard, it gives invaluable information for any detectorist, from the absolute beginner, to those with years of experience. Written in a humerous, easy to read style, and packed with information to help you get the most out our great hobby! Including two amazing chapters on how the Frome hoard was found.
In 2010 Dave Crisp received international recognition when he found the Frome Hoard, the largest single hoard of Roman coins ever – 52,503 in total! He has been a passionate metal detectorist for over 30 years. Here he has written a full guide in his own unique style, to help newcomers to the hobby.

The book covers all you need to know to get started. Topics covered include a history of the hobby, testing basic detectors and information about the organisations involved in metal detecting, as well as where to search and how to get permission. There are useful tips on how to detect and a chapter showing the coins and artefacts that can be found. It also details the procedure to follow to record your finds with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)

There is also a complete chapter covering the discovery of the Frome hoard. From the very first day finding just a few Roman silver coins, to unearthing the hoard itself and the events that followed over the next eighteen months. The book has over 40 humorous sketches and illustrations and over 200 full colour photographs.

235mm x 150mm, 184 pages

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